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Doug Preaching to his Fellow University Students in April 1971.

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Doug Moorhead was born on December 15, 1948 in Detroit, Michigan. Doug grew up in a family that was loving and kind but never went to church. Jesus Christ could be heard occasionaly in his home but only as “swear words”. The following is his testimony on how the Lord Jesus saved him. 

“I was 15 years old and sitting on my front porch one summer day when a man with a briefcase was going door-to-door across the street from my house. 

As he got closer I guessed that he was a salesman and just at that moment he crossed the street and came directly over to my house and approached me with the greeting: “You you are ruining my whole street!” I said, “Why?” He quickly answered: “Because you’re watching me go to every house trying to sell my books and Bibles and now I will never have a chance to sell anything to you”.

He boldly sat down on my porch and opened up his huge briefcase (it looked like a small suitcase) and pulled out a new book in the wrapper. He said “I will give you this brand new Bible if you will agree to take this Bible course”. 

Then he handed me a beautiful blue leather King James Bible, with a zipper and red letters. (I still have it) He gave me the first 3 Bible  lessons with an envelope to mail them in. When I completed the 3 lessons, they would send me 3 more. I accepted the Bible having never read a word or even held a Bible in my life before. 

He never gave me his name but I will never forget him. I was bored, had no money — it was summer vacation so I cracked open the Bible, took out the first lesson, completed all 3 lessons and put them in the mailbox. A  few days later I received the first letter ever addressed to my name with 3 new lessons and my 3 completed lessons with all A’s on the top of the page.

I completed all the lessons, read my Bible and became a Christian sitting on my front porch, at age 15, having never been to church in my life!

After I completed all the lessons, a man came to the door and invited us to church. My Mom took my brother and I to church for the very first time, and we were all baptized in 1964. I was 16.

I wanted to go to the University of Michigan and become a lawyer but God called me to Andrews University, a small Christian college in Michigan, where I studied to become a minister/Bible teacher, majoring in theology.

I graduated from the University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theology and after graduation I spent the next year selling books and Bibles door to door just like my “ole” hero!

I was then asked to be the assistant pastor of the Village Church and teach the baptismal class for a group of boys and girls.

This awesome experience was from the Holy Spirit who gave me the gift of teaching and I have been teaching the Bible ever since.

I have taught middle school and high school Bible classes and hundreds and hundreds of adult classes in church over the years.

I am currently still teaching 2 classes every week and have now authored 24 books on Bible subjects. 

Following my new Bible hero, Paul of Tarsus, my wife, Lucero and I minister in Orlando, Florida.

I hope you like our website and if you purchase one of our books, please send me an email and tell me how you liked it. Ask me any question you like and I’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible. God bless you so much with the grace of our precious Lord Jesus.

Doug Moorhead
Orlando Florida, 2021